CDowneyG it means,
C = Christoph Waltz,
Downey = Robert Downey Jr,
G = George Clooney.


The cast of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ discuss the upcoming movie during the Marvel Panel at Comic Con in San Diego, CA, July 26, 2014. [HQ]

Robert & Renner SDCC 2014 appreciation post

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20 Red, 2 white, 1 purple. It’ll all make sense later…

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christoph waltz. ewan mcgregor


christoph waltz. ewan mcgregor

When the credits roll, it is dead-eyed beauty Dane DeHaan who remains burned into the backs of your eyelids. He is captivating and committed from his first debaucherous outburst to his final moments of quiet despair, expertly twisting gender roles to deliver all of the sharp seduction of a femme fatale without surrendering his masculinity. x

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